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Set for Success 8 Part Download

Is it possible to know that your prayers will be answered? What is the key to successful living through God's Kingdom? The Word of God absolutely says we can go to Him with confidence, knowing that we have received those things we request (1 John 5:14).

Many Christians go to God with a begging mentality, trying to convice Him of their need and hoping that he will make a decision to move on their behalf. In this series, Gary Keesee will walk you through the laws that govern the kingdom of God. You will gain understanding in area of faith and how to release it in your life. This is a "must" series for anyone who has wondered why some people seem to have success with god, and others don't. It's time to have faith for your future!
(8 files. Total size approx. 438.52MB)

Set for Success, 8 Part DL

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