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Why? Big Questions For God 5 CD Set

I had reached the end of my rope. I collapsed on my bed and cried out to God. "Why isn't it working, Lord?! Why am I not experiencing your promises in my life?!" Asking God those two "whys" and learning where he was missing it - completely changed Gary Keesee's life. We all have questions we’d like to ask God. Whether we"re looking for more knowledge and understanding of who God is and how His Kingdom operates or, like Gary, we desperately need to know why we"re not seeing the promises of God manifested in our lives like the Bible says we"re supposed to be, we all have our own "whys." The good news is that God is the God of answers, and He wants us to understand Him and His Kingdom and how it operates so we can experience His promises in our lives and effectively walk out our God-designed futures. He also wants to tell us WHY it's not working when it's not. He wants to help us make changes, tell us exactly where we missed it, and give us the right picture of Him and His Kingdom.

Join Gary Keesee for this five-part series as he shares the answers God gave him and tackles some of the top questions he regularly receives as a pastor and ministry leader - important questions about the Kingdom of God and how it operates, about healing, about who God is and how to hear from Him, about things that happened in the Bible, about love and how to walk in it, about the enemy and his tactics, and more!

Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Allegiance Book

Gary Keesee has been there himself. For nine very long years, his life was in intense emotional turmoil due to his horrible financial state. Creditor calls, IRS liens, judgments, and shame were a way of life for him. But it all changed one day when God spoke to Gary about his finances and gave him the secret that radically changed his life!

He became debt free, started multi-million dollar companies, and currently shares the keys that changed his life on his television broadcast, Fixing the Money Thing, that airs in every time zone in the world on a daily basis.

Gary has taught these concepts to hundreds of thousands of people around the world in conferences and personal appearances. He will agree that there are many principles that are part of living a successful life. But if he had to share just one, it would be this one.

Gary invites you to join the revolution and radically change your finances through the Power of Allegiance.

Why? Big Questions for God and Your Financial Revolution Book Package

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