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Taking Territory 4 CD Set

It has never been as important as it is RIGHT NOW that you learn how to resist the enemy and take territory for God.


Because you have an adversary.


And he doesn’t care if you go to church every week. He doesn’t even really care that you’re going to heaven. What he does care about is whether or not you’re influencing the world. He doesn’t want you to exercise your authority as a child of God.


It’s time you did.


Join father and son speakers Gary Keesee and Tim Keesee for this life-altering four-part series that unpacks all you need to know about using your authority, enforcing your rights, and taking territory in life!

Get the spiritual knowledge YOU need for YOUR battle!




  • The tactics the enemy uses to try to trick you out of your dominion and get you to react, and how you can stand your ground and experience victory in your life.
  • Truths from the Word of God and how to apply them to your situations.
  • A compelling story of faith from a couple anyone could easily relate to, and what you should learn from their story.
  • The three obstacles you must overcome in order to take territory.

And much more!

Taking Territory 4 CD Set

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