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God wants you to have a great life.

But you have a part to play.

Wherever you are in life, you’re always going to need more than faith to enjoy the promises of God.

There’s another side you need to know about.


Because faith will require you to get your hands dirty. Prospering in the Kingdom will require that you take action—both spiritual actions and natural actions.

God will present you with opportunities; that’s what He does. Will you be ready?

Join Gary Keesee for this motivating four-part series, and find out how you can get prepared and be ready to capture those big moments—when your harvest, your opportunities, are standing right in front of you.

Get a better understanding of how you and God work together in the earth realm and what practical and spiritual actions you need to take in order to enjoy His promises in your life.

***Special bonus web link INCLUDED featuring exclusive access to TWO additional incredible messages.

The Other Side Of Faith

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