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Piles of grain. They didn't just mean life for the people of Egypt during the seven-year famine of Joseph's time; the piles of grain meant success.

Like Joseph, you have the ability to produce "grain piles" in your life.

You can see the promises of God come to pass in your own life and the works of your hands blessed.

You can prosper and be generous.

No matter where you started or where you are now, you have the ability to be successful.

  • Joseph's family was dysfunctional.
  • His brothers hated him.
  • They sold him into slavery and pretended a wild animal had killed him.
  • He went to prison.

But Joseph's story didn't end there.

Something incredible happened.

He prospered. In fact, the Bible tells us that the Lord have Joseph success in everything he did.

How did that happen? How did Joseph go from being a slave to being the most powerful man in Egypt?

Find out when you join Gary Keesee for this powerful series and learn the five steps that led to Joseph's extraordinary success. Discover the key principle you need to understand and unlock Kingdom success in YOUR life -The Grain Pile Principle.

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The Grain Pile Principle, 4 Part Download

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