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For Women Only Package

For Women Only

Finally someone addresses the subject of love, sex and marriage. This power-packed session answers some of the tough questions most spouses are too afraid to ask.

Drenda will encourage you with practical steps and life lessons she has experienced firsthand.Knock down the walls in your marriage and learn how to not only give, but receive true love. The honeymoon might be long gone but that does not mean the romance has to be.

Even if you consider your marriage strong, Drenda reveals practical steps to take it to the next level. Take the first step to more romance, a meaningful relationship and a better marriage.

She Gets It Book

She Gets It! is a fresh, bold challenge to the negative messages from today's culture. It's about a woman's happiness and sharing what it truly means to live a genuine, authentic life.

This "no apologies" style is exciting and compelling. You'll find answers to your search for meaning, answers that have largely been discarded or lost in our current culture, and even in the church world-answers for how to find real love and fulfillment.

Chapters include:
Get Lost: How did we get in this mess?
Get Religion: I don't think so
Get Freedom: Life in God's Kingdom
Get Marriage: Experience lasting love
Get Intimacy...get Sex: Not for Singles
Get Family Relations right: Life's greatest gifts lie here
Get Money: And give it away!
Get Friends: Invest your love in others
Get Balance: Fitting it all together
Get Results: The connection to faith
Get Dreams: Past obstacles and moving forward

Her thought-provoking honesty will motivate and encourage you to take positive steps forward toward meaningful, empowered, and fulfilled living-no matter your stage or age in life. Drenda's own journey through the "women's lib-anything goes" movement into a fulfilling role as wife, mother of five, and visionary business leader, will change the way you think about fitting into modern-day society.

For Women Only Package

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