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What Men & Women Want

Magazines, reality shows, social media - it seems tips to "help" you better understand the opposite sex are available nearly everywhere, and can be given by anyone.

But how can you know what is really true? And how can you make sure the "advice" you get will really help you?

That's why Drenda Keesee did something different with this two-CD set - What Men Want & What Women Want.

What Men Want & What Women Want
isn't just a laundry list of what your spouse wants from you and what you need to fix. These sessions are an honest look into the hearts and minds of men and women, and are set up specifically to help you and your spouse understand each other so much better.

And it's VITALLY important that you do.

Because you can't have agreement in marriage without understanding. And agreement is incredibly powerful in the Kingdom of God.

Join Drenda for these two fun and very enlightening sessions that are packed with critically important information to help you better understand the different (and sometimes opposite!) needs and wants of your spouse, and get the tools you need to work better together toward a more fulfilling, rewarding, and successful relationship.

What Men & Women Want - 2 CD Set

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