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Do you find yourself repeatedly asking God for the change or the success you want to see in your life?

Do you want to accomplish more for the Kingdom of God, but you just don't know how?

Get ready to challenge your mind-set with this dynamic book by Gary Keesee.

Years ago, Gary thought he was waiting on God to experience the promises he saw in the Bible. For nine long years, he and his wife, Drenda, lived in financial chaos and struggled to provide the basics for their family. They were active and devoted Christians who loved going to church, but they had a serious problem — they were going bankrupt.

At Gary's lowest point, God revealed to him that the promises of His Kingdom had always been available to them; they had been missing it. They hadn't been waiting on God; He had been waiting on them! It was then that Gary and Drenda began discovering real answers on how to release the Kingdom of God into their lives. And their lives completely changed!

How about you? What are you waiting for?

As a child of God, you don't have to endure hardship. You don't have to go through years of struggle or chaos. You don't have to live a broken life. It's time you learned how to tap into the provision of the Kingdom. It's time you truly experience God's promises in your life.

"There are many principles and things we learned," Gary says, "but there is one principle that I believe is an absolute — game changer. It's so important that I've written this entire book about it — the power of a promise."

Discover the incredible power that lies in the unchanging promises of God and how you can see them operating in your own life.

Power of a Promise Book

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