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Life or Death: Protect Your Child in a Dangerous World 3 CD Set

Children today are growing up without God in their lives. In 1962 prayer was removed from the public school system. This has caused children in our society to grow up malnourished. They are witnessing thousands of violent acts through television, movies and video games. As a mother of five children, Drenda and her husband Gary have learned how to raise children to love God in the midst of dangerous times. Drenda has a passion to see your children safe, at peace and on fire for God.  

This 3 CD series by Pastor Drenda Keesee teaches you how to raise healthy children who love and fear the Lord.   


  • Creating a Culture of Faith and Family in your Children.
  • Protecting Your Children from Satanic Attacks.
  • Bonus Companion Prayer CD Life or Death! Prayers for Your Child’s Protection

In this 30-minute live recording, Drenda prays powerful scriptures over your children, set to anointed music. Pray along with Drenda as she speaks scriptures of protection, peace, prosperity, and power over your family. Perfect for your drive to work or devotional time!

Life or Death: Protect Your Child in a Dangerous World 3 CD Set

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