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Destiny is Calling 6 Part Download

Tomorrow's victory starts with fulfilling todays's assignment. In this series Gary shares why you are called to discover your destiny through the leading of the Holy Spirit and follow that destiny to your incredible future. If you need encouragement, lack clear vision, want to hear God's direction or feel inadequate for the journey, this teaching will change your life and give you a different way of looking at your time on this earth. Learn why it is vital for YOU to actively pursue your destiny and to think, act and be the winner God has called you to be. Stop being problem conscious and start becoming possibility conscious! The rewards are worth the journey, and God's amazing future for you starts with everyday life. Gary shares simple, practical relevant principles from the Word of God that will inspire you to succeed. What are you waiting for, today is the best day of the rest of your life! Destiny is calling! Isn't it time you answered?

Revolution of the Mind Finances Download

Thirty minutes of scriptures to revolutionize how you think about finances and God's kingdom. Whether you listen on your way to work or right before you pay your bills, these scriptures will help renew your mind in the face of the world's system of lack. It's time for a revolution of the mind!
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Tomorrow Starts Today Package

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