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First Steps Kit

This kit contains vital teachings that will lead you on an exciting journey toward financial freedom and peace.

Fixing the Money Thing Book by Gary keesee
Join Gary on a hunt to find lost money and transform your finances. In Fixing the Money Thing, you'll discover:
  • No matter how bad your situation seems, it's fixable
  • How the world's financial system and keep-up-with-the-Joneses attitude combine to keep you poor and under pressure
  • The wealth secrets that the "money changers" don't want you to know
  • Gary's five proven Get Out of Debt Rules
  • How to find the overlooked money "fragments" that are the key to freedom
  • Practical strategies for restructuring your debt
  • And much more...

Tithe A Fence Around Your Life CD by Gary Keesee
It's time to transform your need for money into your need for purpose and destiny. Discover freedom in God's Kingdom and how to become a Giver after God's own heart. Don't watch your money and dreams pass you by in the world. Grab hold of this teaching and allow God's entrance into your finances.

This CD includes answer to some of the most asked questions about tithing such as:
  • What is the tithe
  • Is the tithe New or Old Testament
  • Did the tithe pass away with the law
  • Do I pay tithe on my gross or my net pay
  • Where do I pay the tithe
  • Why most people do not enjoy the benefit of the tithe

Heaven Here and Now CD by Gary Keesee
This teaching is critical to learning how the Kingdom of God operates and how to bring Heaven into the Earth realm.

First Steps Kit

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