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Ready to Rise 2 Disc Det

Rise above fear, insecurity, and anything else that is keeping you from your destiny!

If you compared your life to a hot air balloon, would you be soaring high in the air and enjoying the view, or would you barely be getting off the ground and feeling stuck in the basket?

Are you rising above the pressures of the world, or are the "sandbags" of life— like fear, anger, regret, and self-doubt, weighing you down?

It's time for you to soar to new heights!

Join Drenda for this candid, power-packed teaching that clearly illustrates how easily you can accumulate sandbags-behaviors, insecurities, and sins-and the crippling effects they can have on your life as they weigh you down and prevent you from rising to your full potential in God.

Discover how you can release those weights, take control of your life, and rekindle your dreams!

*This set contains 1 CD and 1 DVD.

Ready to Rise CD and DVD Combo

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