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The Process of Prospering

God does not have money! So when you sow for money, how does it come?

The majority of Christians are unaware of the process of sowing and reaping, and even fewer are aware of the framework in which it takes place. 

This five-message set is filled with powerful and practical teaching on The Process of Prospering to help you understand the action steps to obtaining Kingdom finances. This series includes:

  • The Process of Prospering
  • The Framework of Prospering
  • An Assumption of Prosperity
  • The War on Poverty Is Over
  • God Wants Your Country to Prosper

You will prosper as you put the Lord first and serve Him wholeheartedly. God is not holding out on you! There is enough wealth for ALL of God’s people. Are you ready to prosper?

The Process of Prospering

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