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Are you ready to get HAPPY and start winning in life?

The Happy Life Weekly Devotional

In The Happy Life, Drenda tackles dynamic topics about peace, faith, relationships, happiness, and resting in God’s presence in an easy-to-read weekly encouragement. God has an incredible plan for your life, but it starts with discovering your joy in His presence. With confusion all around us, we need that intimate connection with Him now more than ever.

Ready, Set, Run!

It's time for you to win!! Rise above fear, insecurity, and anything else that is keeping you from your destiny!

In three power-packed teachings, Drenda talks about life and purpose and illustrates the importance of life goals. Join her as she shares how you can release the weights that have been holding you back, take control of your life, rekindle your dreams, and start living to the fullest.

Happy Life: Ready, Set, Run!

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