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Loyalty: Your Pathway to Promotion 3 CD Set

Have you ever wondered how you will find your destiny or do great things when it seems no one knows you exist? Do you feel like David, on the backside of the wilderness watching sheep with no one around to recognize your giftings? Or do you wrestle with leadership because of the disloyalty of those under your care?

Learn why promotion in life will come by doing it God’s way. You will discover why the neglected topics of loyalty, submission, and humility are absolutely essential to the growth, health and effectiveness of every Christian. Identify the warning signs of disloyalty and independent spirits. Learn from Gary’s experiences and mistakes as he shares from his heart on this 3 CD set or digital download.


In today’s culture war of feminism, sexual fluidity, and confused gender roles, Nasty Gets Us Nowhere offers insight and answers that are rarely heard, especially in the media.

Exposed to the feminist message while in high school, author Drenda Keesee became a strong supporter of the movement, abandoning the idea of marriage and children…until life became unbearable.

“Fortunately, when I came to the end of me, God was there,” she says.

In Nasty Gets us Nowhere, Drenda provides statistics to confront the lies that she sees invading our culture at an accelerated pace and tells the true story that no one wants to talk about.

  • What happened to the family?
  • Men and women—whose fault is it?
  • The true science behind our differences
  • What men really want from women and vice versa
  • The cheat sheet everyone needs to resolve conflict
  • The new “S” word that’s critical to relationship success

Nasty Gets Us Nowhere promises to be one of the most thought-provoking books of the year. Learn how you can succeed with the men and women in your life!

Loyalty CD Set and Nasty Gets Us Nowhere Package

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