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The Now Revolution 2.0 CD 

Are you tired of waiting for something to change? Then it’s time to change the way you think. It’s time for a revolution. Join Gary Keesee as he uses Scripture, stories, humor, and personal experiences to illustrate principles that will change your life. Get ready to have your eyes opened to what it really means to live in the Kingdom of God! Get ready for a revolution in your life—NOW! 

Setting Your Life Goals CD 

Drenda Keesee talks about life and purpose in one of her signature messages. Through personal experiences and straight, honest discussion, Drenda illustrates the importance of life goals and living to the fullest. This message will spark a new fire in your everyday existence and push you to pursue greatness against all odds. Let God breathe a big vision into your life! 

Kingdom Thoughts Calendar (NEW) 

Are you looking for encouragement? Be inspired by monthly quotes and beautiful pictures from Gary Keesee’s book Kingdom Thoughts! Discover more about God’s goodwill for your life in 2021! 

Now Revolution 2.0 Package

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