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Your Financial Revolution 4-Book Set

This bundle includes:

  1. Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Allegiance 
  2. Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Rest
  3. Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Strategy
  4. Your Financial Revolution: The Power of Provision

Are you tired of your current financial situation?

Are you striving to pay off high-interest loans and get out of debt?

Are you wondering if there is ANY hope for your financial future? 

Are you ready to do things God’s way? 

If the answer is “YES!”, then this bundle is for you! 

Before you can change your life, you have to change your mindset. These teachings will help you and give you step by step instructions to access Kingdom finances! 

You’re not alone. Gary Keesee has been there. For nine very long years, his life was in intense emotional turmoil due to his horrible financial state. Creditor calls, IRS liens, judgments, and shame were a way of life for him. But it all changed one day when God spoke to Gary about his finances and gave him the secret that radically changed his life!

GUESS WHAT? These secrets have changed thousands of lives across the globe! It can be your story too! 

Here’s what others are saying about these books: 

This is one of the best books I've read about finances from a biblical viewpoint. Gary is very detailed in explaining how the Kingdom works and backs it up with scripture. This book is extremely encouraging and practical. I could not put it down and finished reading it in a few days. I'm going to read it again and again. This is some deep stuff. I highly HIGHLY recommend this book!


Wow!!! What an amazing eye-opening book. Eye-opening as in revelation! I am so full yet still so hungry to learn more about the Kingdom and the rules to walk in it. I have grown tremendously just by reading this book. It invoked prayer, study time, and much more time talking with God. I am so blessed.  If you are a devoted Christian who tithes regularly but doesn’t see your harvest or still lives check to check, this book is for you!!!


This book has absolutely been a blessing this season. All this time, I was wondering why I sow but do not see any results. God has spoken to me through your message. I appreciate your ministry, and I am waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal His plan for me. I am so grateful to be a partner with this ministry. It was worth waiting for!


Your Financial Revolution 4-Book Set

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