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The Power of a Promise & The House That Faith Built Package


Package includes:


  • The House That Faith Built CD message by Drenda Keesee
  • The Power of a Promise book by Gary Keesee
  • The Journey Compass


The House That Faith Built CD


This is SO much more than a rags-to-riches story.


For nine years, Gary and Drenda Keesee lived in poverty: maxed out credit cards, loans with sky-high interest rates, liens, back taxes and more. Yet, it only took them three years to get out of bankruptcy, build successful businesses that are still thriving, and pay for land to build a house on.


What changed?


Join Drenda as she shares the personal struggles that became the bedrock of her faith journey.


Drenda shares:

  • How her and Gary’s lives were transformed and how your life can transform as well!
  • The rights and authority YOU have as a child of God and how you can enforce them.
  • The “blueprint” you need to make sure you have the right “picture.”
  • How to stop coping and live the life God has planned for you.


The Power of a Promise book


Do you find yourself asking God for the change or the success you want to see in your life?


Do you want to accomplish more for the Kingdom of God, but you don't know how? 


Get ready to challenge your mindset with this dynamic book by Gary Keesee.


Years ago, Gary thought he was waiting on God to experience the promises he saw in the Bible. For nine years, he and his wife, Drenda, lived in financial chaos. At Gary's lowest point, God revealed to him that the promises of His Kingdom had always been available to them. Gary and Drenda discovered real answers on how to release the Kingdom of God into their lives, and their lives completely transformed!


Discover the incredible power that lies in the unchanging promises of God and learn how to see them operating in your own life.



The House That Faith Built CD, The Power of a Promise Book, and Journey Compass

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