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This Financial Success Package contains everything you need to, "fix your money thing."

The teachings included in this USB are:

    1. Your Financial Revolution 6CD set
    2. Fixing Your Faith 7CD set
    3. Heaven Here and Now single CD teaching
    4. What You Need to Know about Trials and Temptations 2CD set
    5. The Cry for Justice 6CD set
    6. Money Mysteries from the Master 4CD set
    7. Open for Business 6CD set
    8. 2010 ProVision Conference 4CD set
    9. Accelerate 5CD set

If purchased separately these teaching resources would cost over $280, but you can get them all on 1 convenient jump drive for a fraction of the price!

Also includes:
Your Financial Revolution Notebook
Your Financial Revolution Pen

Total Financial Success - USB Package

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